5 Tips To Get Rid Of Acne

Tips To Get Rid Of Acne

  • Tip #1 

The first rays which we refer as a sunshine and fresh air in the morning are major ingredients for a healthy skin. Vitamin D in the form of sunshine not only plays a role rejuvenator but also acts as a stress buster .But always keep the exposure to an optimum level to avoid sunburns . None the less always have your tanning lotions or uv ray protection lotions in case you are out or long as you would not want add  to existing acne problems as  dead skin cells blocks the pores and results in severe acne.

  • Tip #2

Our Stressful schedules these days can trigger a lot of chemical reactions that lead to acne breakouts . So always make sure you have a good planning in place or organized way of living as it can keep you calm and happy instead of all the running around one does while he or she is short of time , so the point is plan well ahead of things and this can be very handy in combating acne or at least not aggregate a current acne problem.  And I highly recommend to take some time out for exercising , meditating and performing some form of yoga as these keeps the circulation of blood optimum and keeps the mind calm and composed . These days you will find a lot of meditating classes , audio and music cd’s available for the same , so there is no excuse for you not to go inculcate this habit . These habits also keep you healthy from other ill ailments.

  • Tip #3

One of the major tips to get rid of acne is consuming a lot of water. Water is the life line of every living being and major portion of our body consists of water , so It is highly recommended by all doctors , scientists and me who has been a victim to acne , to drinks lots and lots of water , at least 6 to 8 glasses of water must be adequate . Too little water can result in dehydration, which in turn leads to blockage of pores due to remains of dead cells or sloughing properly , which ultimately results in acne and aggregation of acne.

  • Tip #4

It is important to keep your face clean to wash away the dirt but dirt is not the prime reason for the acne to breakout , so excess washing of skin can lead to dry skin and in turn dry skin will trigger the body to secrete  more oil. What next ? More oil , along with extra dead skin cells = blocked pores, more acne breakouts – it just repeats.

  • Tip #5

Deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals is one of the major causes of acne such as selenium and zinc found in pumpkin seeds and other green veggies . So for me I got rid of acne by having a lot of these varieties of Green veggies and always made sure I had lots of salads, dries fruits, juice etc to my diet on a daily basis .

All the ”tips to get rid of acne ” are highly effective if one follows on a day to day basis.