Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Being a victim to acne issues, most people hesitate to mingle with their peers and are often embarrassed at their state , well even I faced this issue and could not really afford to mingle and I was most of the time conscious of the Acne over my face so i had to do something about it before it was too late for me.I want to share my experience with those people whom have been a victim like me and I want to share how over came this period .

A lot of times victims to acne generally resort to some strong medical prescriptions in order to get done with acne, even before considering some natural ways to get rid of acne as in my journey to beat acne I found a lot of safe and natural methods which could be carried out .The best part about home remedies for acne treatment are its far away from side affects such as birth defects, unlike the medical prescription.

The best way to get rid of acne is to go the natural way as there are too many for you to ignore them, well you can check out for some tips to get rid of acne in another post.

Natural Foods That Aid In Getting Rid Of Acne

  • Consider diluted and distilled white vinegar to softly lay it or preferably pat in on the acne prone area of your skin. Give yourself at least 10 Minutes for the white vinegar to dry and there after wash away the remains with warm or cold water.
  • Guarding against acne-producing bacteria is very important, and this could be achieved by using Oregon grape daily.
  • Its recommended you apply some lemon juice on areas affected with acne, pimple or zits . Let it do its work for at least 10 to 15 mins and then on you can wash it away .Apart from lemon juice, one can use other citrus juice by diluting if necessary to avoid any kind of a stinging sensations . They mainly play a role of natural exfoliate by removing the dead cells of the skin.
  • In order to remove toxins from the liver , one may use dandelion or red clover daily or alternatively you can use Natures Sunshine’s Ayurveda Skin Detox.

But in case you go in for a purchase of a product for acne treatment ,then make sure these listed ingredients are present over the acne product.

Every ingredient listed is important : Again , there are natural ways to get rid of acne is very effective long term so take the list seriously.

# 1 – Vitamin A

This prevents acne from occurring and at least will stop the already present acne from aggravating.It a skin protective tissue strengthener. A major role of a Vitamin A is to bring down the secretion of sebum and vitamin A acts like a toxin removal agent.And having vitamin A alone as part of the diet is crucial for acne control . As part of my “beat the acne” journey i made sure i included vitamin A in my diet and guess what I did see results.

# 2 – Vitamin B1

Chemical imbalance or body imbalance can be one of the factors for your acne to surface , so including vitamin B1 will help you restore that balance while it improves your metabolism, digestion etc.

# 3 – Vitamin B2

This is very effective in keeping the hair,skin and for that matter even nails in good shape.Acne is a result generally due to the deficiency of this ingredient , so please take note of this and get a safe prescription or dosage of Vitamin B2 . This was one of the major causes of my acne .

# 4 – Vitamin B3

While i was talking about Vitamin B2 above , it is also good if you could include Vitamin B3 as this has the capability to improve the blood circulation and add to the balance of the body . Deficiency in B3 is also a reason for acne so do make sure you get a prescription on vitamin B3 dosage

# 5 – Vitamin B5 & B6

Vitamin B5 over the period had helped me reduce the acne break out levels due to its ability to bring down stress levels, and it has worked for me . So do include this in your diet or may be get a safe prescription of vitamin b5 . To better your immune system , vitamin B6 can do this job for you . This helps in preventing the acne from happening in the future , remember prevention is better than cure.

# 6 – Zinc and Vitamin E 

Zinc has been extreaming helpful in healing of the scars, so mainly it helps in healing of the affected tissues. Apart from this is also plays a role in prevention of acne as it contributes in stabilizing the oil glands .Like zinc , vitamin E too repairs the effected skin and helps in the healing process and prevents scarring , which is also an issue in itself.

I firmly believe that Natural ways to get rid of acne are the best ways. So guys , do consider to include these natural ingredients for a better acne cure . I have followed it , and I am free from acne today , so i am sure this will help you too . And I always believed and believe that natural ways to get rid of acne must be your choice too cause its benefits are more than you can think off .