Back Acne Treatment

What Is Back Acne ?

On this review, we will focus on Back Acne Treatment, home remedies for back acne and their prevention. Back Acne is a skin condition that leaves spots or marks on the back. These can be red or black depending on you skin pigmentation. The common slang for them is ‘zits’. They are also found on the shoulder and back of the upper arms as they spread form the back.

When And Why Does It Happen?

Back acne mostly occurs in teenagers and the young during puberty. This however doesn’t mean that it’s not present in a adults. It occurs when the pores of the skin are blocked. The blockage could occur due to the presence of excess sebum. This causes the skin pores not to breathe. The collection of dead cells and dirt in the pores can also cause blockages that allow bacteria to grow. These bacteria create a perfect condition for acne to develop.

Back Acne Treatment By Following Some Basic Home Remedies

There are basic home remedies that will go along way to help in the situation. Seeing a dermatologist is always a wise choice before embarking on any home remedy.Aloe Vera is present in most ointments and treatments of acne. Direct use of the plant is not in itself harmful. Apply Aloe Vera to the back evenly. It kills any bacteria affecting the pores of the skin.

Orange and lemon peels can be a soothing remedy when ground to create a pulp with water. Do not use them at the same time. Pick one or the other for better results. Make sure your skin is clean as you do this.

Cucumbers are a common treatment for skin in spas and beauty salons for a reason. Grind it to pulp and apply to the affected area before washing it off. This can be done as regularly as possible.Garlic despite the strong undesirable smell is a great remedy. Apply it while grounded on the area with the acne and you will be amazed at the results. Be sure to wash the smell off after like 30 minutes.Create a pulp using cumin seeds and rub on the skin. Allow the pulp to work for about an hour and then wash off. Use about a tablespoon for the best results.

Lime juice blended with pure groundnut oil can be rubbed on the affected area for about 20 minutes and then washed off with water, Make sure the lime is fresh for the best results.Use the white part of an egg to rub on the skin directly. Leave for 30 minutes then wash off with cleansing water. This removes any bacteria and also deals with sebum deposits.

Precautionary Measures For Back Acne

A good diet is one of the best cures.

Avoid meals with excessive fats and eat healthy. This is bound to keep acne away.

Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated and the pores functional. This combines with exercises allows the skin to breather while allowing water through the pores.

Drink a lot of wheat grass juice to keep the skin pores open and clean.Keep your skin clean at all times. This will ensure that dead skin cells and dirt does not accumulate in the skin pores.