Jojoba Oil Acne – A Natural Cure Is The Best Cure

What Is Jojoba Oil Acne?

Jojoba oil acne is one of the most popular non-pore clogging oil used for spot treatment of acne. The oil is normally extracted from the seed of jojoba tree also known as simmondsia shinensis. Technically, it is more of a golden mild smelling liquid wax than oil. The oil has been used in folk medicine and until today is considered highly useful for skin problems like acne, psoriasis and eczema. It is believed to be very close to sebum, the human skin compared to other vegetable oils which makes it an important ingredient in skin care products. It is theorized that since the oil is close to sebum, it tricks the skin to think it has produced sufficient oil, thus balancing the oil production. The oil is also useful in moisturizing and cleansing of skin.

Procedure to treat Acne Using Jojoba OIl

Use jojoba oil for acne to cleanse skin and open pores. Rub one teaspoon of jojoba on acne affected skin, concentrating on the areas with more breakouts. For jojoba oil for acne is non comedogenic, it should be rubbed without fear of causing additional acnes onto the skin. The oil will stick the sebum and impurities. Continue rubbing the oil into the skin for about two minutes. After rubbing the oil into the skin, apply hot water to the skin. This will help to open the pores so as to pull the oils back-outs. Using a piece if cloth soaked in warm water, wipe out any oil left on the skin. The importance of this step is to clear poles of the bacteria, hydrate the skin and balance oil production.

Use oil for acne to treat acne spots

In order to effectively treat the acne breakouts, mix a one tea spoon with about five drops of the tea tree oil in a glass container, then use a piece of cotton to apply the oil to the skin parts with acme breakouts. Be careful to directly apply to pimples. It is not necessary to apply the oil in unaffected parts. Keep any oil mixture refrigerated for use in another time. Repeat the application three times a day.

Moisturise the skin with jojoba oil for acne

The oil can applied in conditioning of both dry and oil and moisturizes without causing any clogging to the pore. It also loosens and melts skin oil, making a good moisturizer for skin prone to acne. Put four drops of jojoba oil and acne in the hands and rub them on each other well. Smooth the jojoba oil onto the skin, massage the oil gently until it is absorbed in. repeat this in the morning and in the night.

Jojoba oil acne has non inflammatory properties that are very helpful in treatment of inflammatory conditions like acne. However for the oil to effectively treat acne, it is critical to use pure and closed pressed oil, commonly available in most health food sores. It is also important not to use too much of the oil because the excess will only remain on the skin and can attract dirt and dust, causing the acne to worsen