Green Tea Acne

Green tea consumption has grown over the years due to immense benefits that are drawn from the use of the tea. Green tea is purely made from Camellia sinensis and originally it came from China. Currently, they are several varieties of the green tea grown in various part of the world. Clinical and scientific research studies have revealed various health benefits the green tea avails ranging from acne, heart diseases, weight loss and cancer management.

Clinical dermatologist confirms efficacy of green tea anti acne products that are exceptionally effective. The antioxidants that are found in green tea in large quantities proof the skin tissues from being damaged by free radicals that are in the blood. The antioxidant destroys the free radicals. Therefore, the green tea shield your body from toxins that are deposited beneath the skin provided a favorable condition for acne development.

To attain better results, consume an average of five cups for optimal green tea for acne treatment. For intensive therapy add an extra cup on your usual green tea intake. The following procedure is effective for desirable results:

 Place you face on a steaming green tea so that the steam can penetrate your face allowing the steam to open the pores. The green tea helps acne to clear as it penetrates in to the skin breaking up the clogged body fats that are responsible for acne. Also, the antioxidants released from the green tea get get rid of the toxic free radicals that are in the skin.

 Put green tea bags on a steaming water and allow to cool than rub it gently on to your face, this combined with the fast process avails synergetic effects. Apply the bag circularly on to your face, pressing on adversely affected areas for several minutes.

 Allow your face to dry; this is to allow maximized green effect to take place since at times drying with towel clears off some of the green tea particles.

 Once the face is dry it is vital to apply a moisturizer to combat drying effect of the green tea. However, you need to be cautious on which type of the moisturizer is suitable for you face. The moisturizer should be compatible with the green tea acne treatment plan. Therefore, uses of natural moisturizers such as Aloe Vera or even tea oil moisturizers are highly recommended.

 For an average skin, the green tea acne procedure should be performed twice in a week, and once a week for sensitive skin the topical treatment.

 For stubborn acne, green tea acne treatment can be fortified with inclusion of apple cider vinegar. However, care should be taken applying the combined acne cleansing agent on a sun sensitive skin; you can implore use of sun screen after the application or apply the combination at night.

Green tea help acne clearance and its a smart move to avail your face a perfect treat as you get rid of the ugly acne. Green tea used in the natural state will give you a perfect treat, as a drink use only natural sweeteners such as honey. Artificial sweeteners counteract the green tea acne cleansing ability.